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Harlem Arts Festival

The Harlem Arts Festival was celebrated June 25th and 26th from 3pm to 8:30pm. I was so thankful to be a part of this festival and showed work by my father, Edwin G. Cadiz (ArtistUnlimited), my mother Dr. Sharon M. Cadiz and artworks by me, Élan Cadiz. My family is an important part of my work and as a collage artist my art and writing is grounded in family, historical imagery, personal narrative and identity.

For this event I wanted to reflect upon the herstory of Harlem and Black artists by framing spectators and families that came to the festival. This idea was inspired by performance artist Lorraine O'Grady and her pivotal performance work, Art is... from the September 1983 African Day Parade. More about this important O'Grady and her work can be found here:

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