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NSK State Reserve Collaboration



Money is defined as a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes collectively and is used as a medium of exchange for goods and services, but are we limited to the currencies issued through government designed systems?

I met NSK State Diplomat and collaborator, Charles Lewis about 5 years ago. He shared re-designed monies with me distributed by NSK State Reserve. Fiat: Let it be is their motto and their reserve freely distributes currencies in order to bring a circulatory life to dead money. As stated on , their purpose is to create “A flow like blood through the state apparatus, through its citizens and the veins, capillaries, and corpuscles that connect them, a flow bringing undifferentiated fullness and invigorating life re-oxygenated by its own labors.” Money is a tool of any country’s economic lifeline but the belief and circulation of that tool is solely dependent on the people that support those systems.

X Change is a collaborative art investigation into currency, iconography and value. What makes something valuable for exchange and what determines its worth? With the X Change project YOU determine the value of this re-designed 5,000,000 dinara and in determining its value you will also be given the choice to keep or distribute it into the world of goods and services. “Currency, mass produced state documents littered with the icons and symbology of our country, imbued with a value not in terms of scarce ore or muscle, but strictly as our approved instrument of exchange”, is now available for your determination and manipulation.

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