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Scaffold: Equity of Treatment

2020 - ongoing


Scaffold: Equity of Treatment is about the importance of self-reflection and preservation and how these very important practices must be manifested through equitable treatment in our homes, communities, and world. The use of the scaffolding is to symbolize the individual care and support we all need. Cadiz’s goal is to encourage discussions on self-reflection, self-love, and practice in deciphering what we require as individuals and ways our systems of support can better meet these needs.


Cadiz sees the Scaffold project as a kind of visual spiritual alchemy that challenges the viewer and subject to see themselves as a universal being made up of their experiences and understanding. The scaffold serves as a form of protection and support, it symbolizes the relationship between consciousness and matter within self. When we know ourselves and the kind of support we need, we can better ask what we require  from the world in order to  bring satisfaction and harmony to ourselves and others.

Pen, pencil, acrylic and flash paint on Shizen Pastel Paper.

Shizen Pastel Paper is handmade in India from 100% recycled materials.

Each sheet is internally sized, Acid-Free and features deckled edges. 

Tan, Brown, Cocoa, Grey and Black

9in  x 12in


Scaffold ProjectArtist Elan Cadiz Talking about the Scaffold Project in Nordstrom #stylingblk
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